Phantom 4 Pro Review – Professional quality aerial imaging and flight capabilities

What do you need for incredible aerial imaging?

A brilliant camera, an aircraft you can trust, and the intelligence to make every shot cinematic. The new Phantom 4 Pro has all this, and much more, the Phantom 4 pro camera has an F2.8 aperture, mechanical shutter, and large one-inch sensor, coming together to make brighter more detailed imagery. Record cinematic 4K video at higher bitrates with more advanced compression and a wider dynamic range. 4K 60 frames per second recording gives you stunning detail, slow motion aerial video.

Phantom 4 Pro review

The Phantom 4 pro is as adept at stills as it is with video capturing, every detail at 20 megapixels, it’s mechanical shutter eliminates rolling shutter bending. Grab the perfect moment using burst mode. All of this makes the Phantom 4 pro the most advanced aerial camera ever found in the phantom series. The Phantom 4 Pro is now a huge step forward.

“I’m taking photos of the lava when it’s darker out and the glow of the lava is coming off, the image sensor that’s in this camera now is 1 inch sensor, twenty megapixels, that extra dynamic range allows me to really get everything into one shot, and in the landscape that’s of extreme importance”

Phantom 4 Pro ultra bright monitior

Ultra bright 5.5-inch monitor

See your shot clearly even in direct sunlight with the new ultra bright 5.5-inch monitor that’s more than twice as bright as most tablets. Inside is DJI light-bridge technology, it automatically detects interference and switches from 2.4 to 5.8 Gigahertz transmission at take off, cutting through the noise for more reliability.

“The built-in monitor on the Phantom 4 Pro is so bright, I’m actually able to see in direct sunlight and that’s really allowing me to compose my shot and get what I really want to capture.”

Active track has now been expanded with three new intelligent flight modes,

  1. Profile tracks your subject horizontally from any side.
  2. Spotlight locks the camera on a subject while you flying in almost any direction.
  3. Circle swings 360 degrees around the subject.

Tap fly has also been improved adding reverse Tap fly making it perfect for aerial selfies.

Phantom 4 Pro worry free flight

Worry Free Flight

Flying the Phantom 4 pro is even more worry free, a set of rear visual sensors has been added to existing forward and downward sensors, combined with new infrared obstacle sensors on its sides, the Phantom for pro has five directions of sensing, if image signal is lost it returns home while dynamically avoiding obstacles, and even flies back along its original flight path until signal is regained, every minute in the air counts.

The new high capacity battery flight time has been increased to 30 minutes, when it comes to speed the phantom 4 pro is ten miles per hour faster, with full support of its obstacle sensing systems, with its stunning camera, one inch sensor, ultra bright monitor, obstacle sensing and intelligence, the Phantom 4 Pro brings professional quality aerial imaging and flight capabilities to more pilots around the world.

New Mavic Pro the Personal Flying Drone from DJI

The Slick Mavic Pro Fly Smarter For Longer

The Mavic Pro is a small fold away drone perfect for our busy lifestyle on the go. This powerful yet easy to fly drone has DJI’s latest technology in a sleek, creative package. The Mavic Pro folds away to the size of a water bottle which is perfect for a backpack.

This drone is built for performance and is equipped with a stabilized 4K camera with navigation, a flying range of 7 kilometers with a fantastic 27 minute flying time. Mavic Pro can be operated by the long range transmitter or even with your Smartphone although the range is less.

Mavic pro latest drone from DJI

Mavic Pro Flying Experience

Mavic Pro has the new FlightAutonomy system which is a complex mix of 5 cameras, navigation, GPS, ultrasonic range finders, redundant sensors and all managed by 24 computing core. This makes for an unparalleled stable, maneuverable and safe flying experience.

This drones can position, plan routes and navigate with obstacle avoidance even at speeds of 36 kilometers per hour. This smooth flyer has sports mode with speeds of up to 40 kph and will automatically return to home if you fly out of range or the battery is low, if you let go of the control the drone will hover in that location.

Mavic pro drone

Advance Camera

DJI Mavic Pro camera has auto-focus technology with a shake free 3 axis gimbal that will record 4k video at 30 fps with full HD video at 96fps, with a 12-megapixel picture.

Easy to fly even for beginners.

  • Gesture mode centers you in in frame so you can take perfect pictures or share your video live to Facebook, Periscope or YouTube.
  • DJI ActiveTrack let your drone follow objects such as people, cars, animals from behind, in front or circle.
  • Tripod mode lets you fly indoors safely as the Mavic Pro slows using finer tuned positioning and precision framing.

The price of the Mavic Pro is $999 with the transmitter, $749 on its own with no transmitter. An extra battery is $89. Also available is the complete package for $1,299 which includes the drone, two batteries, extra propellers, charging hub and adapter, car charger plus a drone bag.

Also extra is a 12 month DJI Care Refresh for $99 which covers damage to the aircraft, camera or gimbal in selected countries.

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 VR Has Landed

GhostDrone 2.0 – Consumer Drone

Ehang has made it easier for the masses to take to the skies with the introduction of the new GhostDrone 2.0, this easy to fly drone is available from Ehangs website and some of the Larger stores such as Best Buy in the USA.

The GhostDrone 2.0 is an innovative drone with excellent engineering and design which makes for a fun and user-friendly flight. Ehang is one of the top drone companies that are manufactured in China but they also have an office in the USA, Silicon Valley which means a better customer service experience. Ehang hit the news last year when they released the first drone that can carry a human the Ehang 184 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Ehang brings similar innovation with the new GhostDrone 2.0 drone.

Ehang drone car
Ehang 184 – Drone Car

Drones are now mainstream, not only for the drone enthusiast and Ehang is an example of the future of consumer drones. Been backed by the recognizable retail chain Best Buy is definitely a step forward for their new drone.

GlobalWebIndex has released a study showing that 32 percent of Internet users aged 16 – 64 have an interest in buying consumer-friendly drones such as the GhostDrone 2.0. Users are already enjoying flying this drone and sharing their video capture with this drone online, from sporting events to marriages. GhostDrone 2.0 has the best technology available with intuitive controls that an inexperienced pilot can fly straight out of the box.

Ehang drone

GhostDrone 2.0 features and interests for experienced and beginner pilots:

  • GhostDrone 2.0 is controlled by the Ehang Play App on your smartphone, which lets you fly in three easy to use modes, Avatar, Waypoints, and Companion. Capture video with a tap of the volume button.
  • Virtual Reality platform lets you fly FPV “First Person View” through the standard Ehang VR Goggles.
  • This drone comes with a 1-year warranty for up to 3 accidents.
  • Great price at $899 which includes the Gimbal, 4K Spherical Camera, plus the FPV Goggles.

More info at Ehang

GhoustDrone 2.0 warrenty

Amazon kits out a secret drone zone

Amazon drone

Multi-million-euro drone-delivery tests are been carried out by Amazon behind a wall of hay bales. A blue control with aerial has been spotted in a field five miles east of the internets giant’s research centre in Cambridge, U.K.  Engineers have been seen putting out landing mats for drone landing trials.

A hiker in the area said; ” I was told by security guards to move away. They have obviously gone to great lengths to hide the testing site from public view.”

Amazon wants to use drones to deliver packages to homes, claiming they are greener and safer than vans. The Civil Aviation Authority lifted drone flying restrictions in July to allow Amazon to test its devices, which can fly for 10 miles at 400ft and carry packages weight up to 5lb.


Eachine Falcon 250

The newly designed and upgraded FPV racer from Eachine the Falcon 250  looks great in black. The size of the motors are 2204 and with speed of 2300KV and these motors look much better than the Eachine racer 250. The electronics speed controller of the Falcon 250 are 20 Amps and they can officially support up to 4S Lipo Batteries but I would not be surprised if they could support more juice than that, these are smart electronic controllers meaning that they have anti motor shaft locking protection system can cut the power of the motors in case the blades hit an obstruction as this can happen if you crash the Eachine Falcon 250 and the Blades are still spinning.


Eachine Falcon 250


As part of the Eachine Falcon 250 kit you will get two sets of 5 Inch Bullnose Propellers and they are rock solid to me and can take crashes very well, one set is black and the other props set are red. All four motors are well protected by plastic motor covers but sometimes dirt can collect between the motors and the cover protector so you will need to keep these clean. The motor protector are held into place with six screws below the motors and are easy to remove in case you need to remove them.

The LED lights are located under each arm and seem to be very vulnerable but they can survive some crashes and are easy to replace in case you need to. Each arm of the Eachine Falcon 250 are held in place with four nuts and bolts. The landing gear is make of Carbon Fiber which is one of the areas that get more stress during crashes and may come lose or ever fall off completely.


Motor Protection
Eachine Falcon 250 motors


On the side of the Eachine Falcon 250 we have the Iconic E and F letters and below it is the On and Off switch for the LED lights, the switch is slightly lose for my liking but that is not a big deal. The upper plate of the Eachine Flacon is secured by Eight blots and then again it can be easily removed, just remember to bring the correct tool with you.

There is also a carbon fiber plate on the top that hold the action camera and FPV Camera and can take some of the vibration out of the video stream, Of course also you can also adjust the angle of the action camera too. The FPV Camera on the Eachine Falcon 250 has a resolution of 700 TVL and is equipped with CMOS sensor and has a field of view of 127 degrees vertically and 110 degrees horizontally, and this little camera only weights 12 grams. The Eachine Falcon 250 comes with a 200 mW 5.8Ghz video transmitter.


Eachine Falcon 250 FPV Camera


Flight Test

I would recommend using a 4S battery to get the full potential of the Eachine Falcon 250, this quad is speedier and more powerful than the Eachine Racer 250 and also has better trust. The stability of this Quad is nice but you have to consider due to the tilt of the motors, this FPV racer is defiantly eager to move forward and does not like to stay in the same place for too long. The Eachine Falcon 250 is really nice to fly and has so much power right out of the box, just plug and play, it can’t get any easier, how can you not love this FPV racer?, It’s a real beast to fly! I haven’t flown a faster quadcopter out of the box, maybe you have? Let me know.


The price of the Eachine Falcon 250 is a really good price, just over $200 and out of the box and is ready to fly, this Quadcopter is very strong and can take crashes well and not complain much about it, it is also a very aggressive flyer even in mode 1. What I didn’t like about this FPV racer are some of the components are hard to get to such as the USB connection for connecting to your computer, also its only comes with a 3S battery, I think it should come with an 4S battery. But I think the Eachine Falcon 250 will suit people that have little or a lot FPV Racing experience as you get really good power out of the box and an experienced flyer can tweak this Quad by connecting it to your computer and input your own settings and see what works best.

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JJRC X1 – Warning, Not a Toy Really!

The JJRC X1 is one of the first toy grade drones priced around $120 to use the more efficient and powerful brushless motors, this drone is very fast and agile which makes it more suitable for experienced drone pilots or as a second or third drone. This drone has three different modes, with the first speed for beginners, the second speed works well in windy conditions and the third and top speed for advanced drone pilots as the JJRC X1 can reach speeds of up to about 40 kilometres per hour. I find this drone to be a stable enough flyer but does not handle windy condition too good.



The JJRC X1 has an excellent flying time of about 15 minute and a control distance of 300 – 400 meter but I wouldbe hesitant to fly this drone further than the eye can see, as visibility of this drone is limited with its black frame and LED lights that you can only really see when are flying this drone straight up above you, there is a mod instructions for the LED light’s on Youtube to lower them so they are visible from all angles.

Brush-less motors

The JJRC X1 doesn’t come with a Camera but is compatible with the SYMA X5C-1 FPV System for flying First Person View for racing this drone, also this drone is powerful so you could attach a sport camera or a RunCam but you will need to figure out the best way to attached this camera, again Youtube has lots of instructions you could research.

This drone is suitable for drone pilots that are interested in trying FPV racing before they splash out on an Eachine Racer 250 etc, also, this drone is very durable as I have crashed it and it seems to bounce and roll on impact with no visible damage but make sure you have the propeller guards attached.

JJRC x1 transmitter



The transmitter is the usually toy grade quality with extra features like Headless mode and Return home buttons, but no flip / roll feature which would enhance the flying experience. The D1806-2280KV brushless motors do have a protection feature which shuts off the motors when the propellers touch anything, plus there is a spare set of propellers with the JJRC X1 just in case.

What you get with the JJRC X1 Quadcopter



The battery is a 7.4V 1300mah which is the same as the battery of the Tarantula X6 quadcopter which was handy as I have an extra 2 batteries which gave me a total flying time of about 45 minutes in the park which I enjoyed!

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Hubsan X4 Pro Review

Hubsan X4 Pro 

According to the manufacturer’s specification, the unit has a Precise Control System, allowing it to be controlled up to a distance of 1,000 meters using the 2.4GHz frequency range, and can also transmit video over the same distance in the 5.8GHz frequency range.

The video camera is a high definition at 1080P. Hubsan refers to this drone as the H109S


Hubsan X4 Pro Review


With the quadcopter and camera is also supplied a parachute in case of loss of control. It can be deployed automatically in an emergency. Hubsan state the maximum flight time is approximately forty minutes.


Hubsan Quadcopter review



The unit comes nearly ready assembled, the only parts that need assembling are the antenna and the propellers, to be fitted by the end user. The compass needs to be calibrated before first use, they’re comprehensive instructions on how to do this, which do look reasonably straightforward.
There are two remote controllers available: A low edition controller and a high edition controller. This review concerns the high edition controller, for which there is an option to connect the quadcopter to an Android device. Hubsan recommends that the user downloads a map (via wi-fi) to use as a navigational aid.
The intelligent controller large LCD will display the position of the quadcopter on the map you choose to download. A neat part of the display is that it allows you to see a live video feed from the quadcopter in a window on top of the map. The video window can be re-sized to suit your own requirements. Within this window, you can start or stop video recording, as well as, change to camera mode thereby take photos the same way.



Hubsan X4 Pro remote control



There is what is described as “adjustable FOV shooting” (Field Of View). What this means, in reality, is that the gimbal has three axis rotation, giving the camera very stable positioning, allowing you to shoot great airborne videos.
The user can plan a flight path for the quad copter. Not only can way-points be pre-programmed, but you can set specific points to take photos or video at a height you choose, including specifying the static hover time and even set the angle of the gimbal. Once you’ve added a flight plan and uploaded it to the quadcopter, it will follow the details precisely.

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