Hubsan X4 Pro Review

Hubsan quadcopter review

Hubsan X4 Pro 

According to the manufacturer’s specification, the unit has a Precise Control System, allowing it to be controlled up to a distance of 1,000 meters using the 2.4GHz frequency range, and can also transmit video over the same distance in the 5.8GHz frequency range.

The video camera is a high definition at 1080P. Hubsan refers to this drone as the H109S


Hubsan X4 Pro Review


With the quadcopter and camera is also supplied a parachute in case of loss of control. It can be deployed automatically in an emergency. Hubsan state the maximum flight time is approximately forty minutes.


Hubsan Quadcopter review



The unit comes nearly ready assembled, the only parts that need assembling are the antenna and the propellers, to be fitted by the end user. The compass needs to be calibrated before first use, they’re comprehensive instructions on how to do this, which do look reasonably straightforward.
There are two remote controllers available: A low edition controller and a high edition controller. This review concerns the high edition controller, for which there is an option to connect the quadcopter to an Android device. Hubsan recommends that the user downloads a map (via wi-fi) to use as a navigational aid.
The intelligent controller large LCD will display the position of the quadcopter on the map you choose to download. A neat part of the display is that it allows you to see a live video feed from the quadcopter in a window on top of the map. The video window can be re-sized to suit your own requirements. Within this window, you can start or stop video recording, as well as, change to camera mode thereby take photos the same way.



Hubsan X4 Pro remote control



There is what is described as “adjustable FOV shooting” (Field Of View). What this means, in reality, is that the gimbal has three axis rotation, giving the camera very stable positioning, allowing you to shoot great airborne videos.
The user can plan a flight path for the quad copter. Not only can way-points be pre-programmed, but you can set specific points to take photos or video at a height you choose, including specifying the static hover time and even set the angle of the gimbal. Once you’ve added a flight plan and uploaded it to the quadcopter, it will follow the details precisely.

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