Phantom 5: What Can You Expect from DJI?

There is little doubt that DJI’s Phantom 5 will have some awesome new features. But what does DJI have planned? We have some insights based on what we have seen and what we know about DJI. First, we will go over the features that we are pretty certain the Phantom 5 will include. Then we have some fun and list the features we would like to see in the next release. These five changes are the most likely improvements to the Phantom 5.


  1. The Phantom 5 will have a longer flight time. The Phantom 4 Pro can fly up to 30 minutes. We expect the Phantom 5 to be able to make it 35 minutes.
  2. The Phantom 5 will have a longer range. The Phantom 4 Pro has a range of 7000 m. We expect the Phantom 5 to have a range of at least 8000 m, but potentially even up to 10,000 m.
  3. The Phantom 5 will have a better camera. The Inspire 2 has a 5K capable camera. We would be surprised if the Phantom 5 doesn’t follow suit with upgraded video processing.
  4. The Phantom 5 will have front, rear and side cameras to help it avoid obstacles. The side cameras will give the Phantom 5 full 360-degree obstacle avoidance.
  5. The Phantom 5 will be faster. The fifth edition should easily hit 50 mph.
Phantom 5 Side Obstacle Avoidance
Half Chrome rendering of stereo camera obstacle avoidance on the side of the Phantom 5
Not Sold on the Phantom 5 Yet?

Maybe your aren’t ready to make the move to the Phantom 5. You could always upgrade your Phantom 3 or Phantom 4. Check out these quick and easy ways to upgrade your Phantom 3 or make your Phantom 4 better. Are you still thinking about that Phantom 5? Keep on reading.

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And What Else Will the Phantom 5 Offer?

DJI has consistently improved flight time, range, camera quality, and obstacle avoidance with the latest new product releases, so we expect most, if not all, of the upgrades listed above to be realized in the Phantom 5. DJI does not have a history of resting on their laurels, so we think there may be some surprises as well. Next up is the Half Chrome dream list, we would love for at least one of these features to make it into the Phantom 5.

1. Waterproof drone. Swellpro has proven that waterproof drones the size and shape of a Phantom are possible. How awesome would it be to fly your Phantom at the beach and not have to worry about getting it wet? They might not make all Phantom 5s waterproof, but maybe we can hope for a dual release with a Phantom 5W model that can handle the elements and take off out of the water.

Splash Drone

2. Removable camera. The Phantom camera is good, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could take it off and use it as an action camera. Removing the camera would allow you to replace it, upgrade it or even swap it out with a 360 degree or thermal camera.

3. Swappable lens. OK, that last one is probably a dream and it’s not consistent with what DJI has done so far. But, maybe they could offer swappable lenses like the Inspire cameras do? For the Inspires, with micro 4/3 lenses, DJI relies on lenses made by Panasonic and Olympus. But with a recent partnership with Hasselblad, the Swedish camera company, maybe DJI is looking to get into the lens business. Why not make the Phantom 5 camera so that DJI proprietary lenses could be swapped out to change the focal length (and field of view), improve image quality with higher end optics, or lower f/number for twilight flights?

4. Retractable legs. Why don’t the legs retract? With the legs out of the way you could have a gimbal that rotates 360 degrees, you could put on shorter focal length lenses or you could swap out that lens for one-half of a 360° camera (see #3 above). Maybe the other side of the 360° could snap onto the top of the drone? Anything can happen.

DJI Phantom 5
The Phantom 5 legs could fold easily into the arms of the drone.
Phantom 5 Legs
Left: Drone with retractable legs from Chinese manufacturer AEE. Right: Lifting leg concept from Autel at CES

5. Second FPV camera. A second stationary lag-free camera could allow the pilot to fly the drone with an FPV headset while a second cameraman operates the camera and gimbal. The Inspire 2 has this feature so the Phantom could follow suit, but only if they also add retractable legs.

6. Top and bottom obstacle avoidance. This drone is a masterpiece, why not keep it safe indoors and outdoors in every direction? How awesome would a crash-proof drone be?

7. Laser beams. Maybe not, but we want drones with fricken laser beams!

Until this awesome drone comes out you’ll have to settle for the still awesome, but laserless Phantom 4 Professional. It is still one heck of a drone. If fact the Phantom 3 Standard price is dropping so low it is hard not to buy one. Maybe you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a Phantom 5 but are still looking for something fun to fly. The MJX Bugs 3 is one of the most fun and versatile drones we’ve flown. Or maybe you’ve wanted to try some FPV flying. For less than $40 you can pick up an Eachine E010C, then grab some FPV goggles and you are on your way.

What about the upcoming DJI Mavic 2?

Mavic 2

We have some ideas as to what the upcoming DJI Mavic 2 might be. Check it out here.

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