Eachine Falcon 250

The newly designed and upgraded FPV racer from Eachine the Falcon 250  looks great in black. The size of the motors are 2204 and with speed of 2300KV and these motors look much better than the Eachine racer 250. The electronics speed controller of the Falcon 250 are 20 Amps and they can officially support up to 4S Lipo Batteries but I would not be surprised if they could support more juice than that, these are smart electronic controllers meaning that they have anti motor shaft locking protection system can cut the power of the motors in case the blades hit an obstruction as this can happen if you crash the Eachine Falcon 250 and the Blades are still spinning.


Eachine Falcon 250


As part of the Eachine Falcon 250 kit you will get two sets of 5 Inch Bullnose Propellers and they are rock solid to me and can take crashes very well, one set is black and the other props set are red. All four motors are well protected by plastic motor covers but sometimes dirt can collect between the motors and the cover protector so you will need to keep these clean. The motor protector are held into place with six screws below the motors and are easy to remove in case you need to remove them.

The LED lights are located under each arm and seem to be very vulnerable but they can survive some crashes and are easy to replace in case you need to. Each arm of the Eachine Falcon 250 are held in place with four nuts and bolts. The landing gear is make of Carbon Fiber which is one of the areas that get more stress during crashes and may come lose or ever fall off completely.


Motor Protection
Eachine Falcon 250 motors


On the side of the Eachine Falcon 250 we have the Iconic E and F letters and below it is the On and Off switch for the LED lights, the switch is slightly lose for my liking but that is not a big deal. The upper plate of the Eachine Flacon is secured by Eight blots and then again it can be easily removed, just remember to bring the correct tool with you.

There is also a carbon fiber plate on the top that hold the action camera and FPV Camera and can take some of the vibration out of the video stream, Of course also you can also adjust the angle of the action camera too. The FPV Camera on the Eachine Falcon 250 has a resolution of 700 TVL and is equipped with CMOS sensor and has a field of view of 127 degrees vertically and 110 degrees horizontally, and this little camera only weights 12 grams. The Eachine Falcon 250 comes with a 200 mW 5.8Ghz video transmitter.


Eachine Falcon 250 FPV Camera


Flight Test

I would recommend using a 4S battery to get the full potential of the Eachine Falcon 250, this quad is speedier and more powerful than the Eachine Racer 250 and also has better trust. The stability of this Quad is nice but you have to consider due to the tilt of the motors, this FPV racer is defiantly eager to move forward and does not like to stay in the same place for too long. The Eachine Falcon 250 is really nice to fly and has so much power right out of the box, just plug and play, it can’t get any easier, how can you not love this FPV racer?, It’s a real beast to fly! I haven’t flown a faster quadcopter out of the box, maybe you have? Let me know.


The price of the Eachine Falcon 250 is a really good price, just over $200 and out of the box and is ready to fly, this Quadcopter is very strong and can take crashes well and not complain much about it, it is also a very aggressive flyer even in mode 1. What I didn’t like about this FPV racer are some of the components are hard to get to such as the USB connection for connecting to your computer, also its only comes with a 3S battery, I think it should come with an 4S battery. But I think the Eachine Falcon 250 will suit people that have little or a lot FPV Racing experience as you get really good power out of the box and an experienced flyer can tweak this Quad by connecting it to your computer and input your own settings and see what works best.

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