JJRC X1 – Warning, Not a Toy Really!

The JJRC X1 is one of the first toy grade drones priced around $120 to use the more efficient and powerful brushless motors, this drone is very fast and agile which makes it more suitable for experienced drone pilots or as a second or third drone. This drone has three different modes, with the first speed for beginners, the second speed works well in windy conditions and the third and top speed for advanced drone pilots as the JJRC X1 can reach speeds of up to about 40 kilometres per hour. I find this drone to be a stable enough flyer but does not handle windy condition too good.



The JJRC X1 has an excellent flying time of about 15 minute and a control distance of 300 – 400 meter but I wouldbe hesitant to fly this drone further than the eye can see, as visibility of this drone is limited with its black frame and LED lights that you can only really see when are flying this drone straight up above you, there is a mod instructions for the LED light’s on Youtube to lower them so they are visible from all angles.

Brush-less motors

TheĀ JJRC X1 doesn’t come with a Camera but is compatible with the SYMA X5C-1 FPV System for flying First Person View for racing this drone, also this drone is powerful so you could attach a sport camera or a RunCam but you will need to figure out the best way to attached this camera, again Youtube has lots of instructions you could research.

This drone is suitable for drone pilots that are interested in trying FPV racing before they splash out on an Eachine Racer 250 etc, also, this drone is very durable as I have crashed it and it seems to bounce and roll on impact with no visible damage but make sure you have the propeller guards attached.

JJRC x1 transmitter



The transmitter is the usually toy grade quality with extra features like Headless mode and Return home buttons, but no flip / roll feature which would enhance the flying experience. The D1806-2280KV brushless motors do have a protection feature which shuts off the motors when the propellers touch anything, plus there is a spare set of propellers with the JJRC X1 just in case.

What you get with the JJRC X1 Quadcopter



The battery is a 7.4V 1300mah which is the same as the battery of the Tarantula X6 quadcopter which was handy as I have an extra 2 batteries which gave me a total flying time of about 45 minutes in the park which I enjoyed!

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