New Mavic Pro the Personal Flying Drone from DJI

The Slick Mavic Pro Fly Smarter For Longer

The Mavic Pro is a small fold away drone perfect for our busy lifestyle on the go. This powerful yet easy to fly drone has DJI’s latest technology in a sleek, creative package. The Mavic Pro folds away to the size of a water bottle which is perfect for a backpack.

This drone is built for performance and is equipped with a stabilized 4K camera with navigation, a flying range of 7 kilometers with a fantastic 27 minute flying time. Mavic Pro can be operated by the long range transmitter or even with your Smartphone although the range is less.

Mavic pro latest drone from DJI

Mavic Pro Flying Experience

Mavic Pro has the new FlightAutonomy system which is a complex mix of 5 cameras, navigation, GPS, ultrasonic range finders, redundant sensors and all managed by 24 computing core. This makes for an unparalleled stable, maneuverable and safe flying experience.

This drones can position, plan routes and navigate with obstacle avoidance even at speeds of 36 kilometers per hour. This smooth flyer has sports mode with speeds of up to 40 kph and will automatically return to home if you fly out of range or the battery is low, if you let go of the control the drone will hover in that location.

Mavic pro drone

Advance Camera

DJI Mavic Pro camera has auto-focus technology with a shake free 3 axis gimbal that will record 4k video at 30 fps with full HD video at 96fps, with a 12-megapixel picture.

Easy to fly even for beginners.

  • Gesture mode centers you in in frame so you can take perfect pictures or share your video live to Facebook, Periscope or YouTube.
  • DJI ActiveTrack let your drone follow objects such as people, cars, animals from behind, in front or circle.
  • Tripod mode lets you fly indoors safely as the Mavic Pro slows using finer tuned positioning and precision framing.

The price of the Mavic Pro is $999 with the transmitter, $749 on its own with no transmitter. An extra battery is $89. Also available is the complete package for $1,299 which includes the drone, two batteries, extra propellers, charging hub and adapter, car charger plus a drone bag.

Also extra is a 12 month DJI Care Refresh for $99 which covers damage to the aircraft, camera or gimbal in selected countries.